Terms of Use – Wordling Plus

Updated: May 13, 2024

By checking the box next to these Terms of Use and clicking “Purchase,” you, the purchaster of a subscription to the Membership site titled to Wordling Plus (referred to as the “Client”), agree to the terms outlined herein. You acknowledge and willingly enter into a legally binding Agreement with The Wordling, including automatic renewal terms. This Agreement encompasses the following terms and conditions.

In exchange for the sum of ninety-nine U.S. dollars ($99), the Client has agreed to acquire either a monthly subscription to Wordling Plus or an annual subscription priced at nine hundred and ninety dollars ($990). Any promotional terms are detailed on the checkout page during applicable promotional periods. In return, The Wordling undertakes to deliver the services specified in the Membership Site Details below, as well as in the attached Membership Site Addendum.

1. Membership Site Outline

a. The Client acknowledges and agrees that by purchasing a subscription to Wordling Plus, they gain access to educational resources, group mentoring calls, and a community for both aspiring and professional writers.

b. The Client confirms that they have reviewed the Membership Site Addendum and undertaken any necessary research to fully comprehend the content and scope of Wordling Plus, including what is included and what is not. They consent to abide by the terms and conditions delineated herein, as well as the general policies and procedures outlined in this Agreement and on The Wordling’s website.

c. Wordling Plus is not a substitute for personalized business, medical, or legal advice, nor is it intended to address mental, emotional, or other medical concerns. Should the Client require personalized attention for any such matters, they are advised to seek additional assistance beyond Wordling Plus.

2. Promotions and Bonuses

a. The Wordling reserves the right to periodically provide promotions, bonuses, or other offers related to Wordling Plus membership. These promotions may spotlight specific features of the membership or extend additional benefits to new or existing members who upgrade to an annual membership or undertake other actions determined by The Wordling. Any promotion involving new or supplementary products or services may entail additional terms and conditions that must be accepted before eligibility. Should a Client join Wordling Plus as a new member through such a promotion, they agree to these Terms of Use and any supplementary terms and conditions associated with the promotion or bonus.

b. The Wordling retains the authority to adjust (increase/decrease) the price of Wordling Plus for future launches and may modify deliverables accordingly. It is understood that prices for current members may increase at The Wordling’s sole discretion in the future.

3. Confidentiality

a. The Client acknowledges that their purchase of a subscription to Wordling Plus entails access to various trade secrets and intellectual property of The Wordling. This encompasses materials such as verbal, written, and video advice, personal guidance, and other relevant information provided during their participation in Wordling Plus. The Client agrees not to share, copy, or distribute any documents or proprietary information acquired through Wordling Plus, understanding that such actions would constitute a violation of these Terms of Use. Furthermore, the Client agrees not to use any Content outlined as their own material or repurpose it for their own business without the express written consent of The Wordling.

b. In the event of a breach of this provision, where the Client discloses confidential or proprietary information belonging to The Wordling or another participant in Wordling Plus, the Client understands that The Wordling reserves the right to take additional action, including legal measures, as deemed necessary.

4. Testimonials

a. The Wordling may request that the Client provide a testimonial for potential publication on The Wordling’s website or in various sales materials related to Wordling Plus or other programs offered by The Wordling. The Client understands that providing a testimonial is optional, and they are under no obligation to do so. Refusal to provide a testimonial will not result in any consequences or alter the relationship between The Wordling and the Client.

b. If the Client chooses to provide The Wordling with a testimonial, they understand that their testimonial, along with a photo, may be published on The Wordling’s website or elsewhere. No compensation or additional services will be provided in exchange for the testimonial. The Client acknowledges that by providing a testimonial, they grant The Wordling an unlimited, irrevocable license to use, publish, distribute, or repurpose the provided information indefinitely.

c. The Client grants The Wordling an unlimited, irrevocable license to repost, share, publish, or otherwise utilize any text, name, and/or likeness voluntarily posted by the Client on social media or sent via email. This includes but is not limited to comments on The Wordling’s social media, Facebook Page, Instagram comments, Instagram direct messages to The Wordling or Natasha Khullar Relph, and other social media comments. The Client acknowledges and agrees that any such comments or messages may be captured and reposted by The Wordling for promotional purposes, including email marketing, public reposting on social media, and other forms of publicity for Wordling Plus.

d. When applying for a Strategy Session, the Client understands that there is no guarantee of being selected for a session with Natasha Khullar Relph. By applying for a Strategy Session, the Client freely grants Wordling Plus permission to utilize any content contained in the application as a testimonial for Wordling Plus or other purposes, without any obligation for additional compensation.

5. Payment and Payment Plans

a. The Client acknowledges that the cost of Wordling Plus is payable either monthly at ninety-nine U.S. dollars ($99) or annually at nine hundred and ninety U.S. dollars ($990), automatically charged on a monthly or yearly basis as per the Auto-Renewal Terms detailed in paragraph five (5) below. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure full payment is made each month or year, and they agree to electronically submit the requested amount via The Wordling’s website or a designated third-party payment processor selected by The Wordling. If the Client joined Wordling Plus during a promotional period with a trial period shorter than the outlined amounts, they understand that after the trial period, they will be charged the regular retail price for either a monthly or annual membership, depending on their selection.

b. Failure to make timely payments or encountering issues with processing additional payments may result in restricted access to Wordling Plus if payment is not made within 1 day of the due date. The Wordling will attempt to charge the Client via the membership site software, and if payment is successful, full access will be reinstated. However, if payment is not collected, access will remain restricted, and the Client will accrue a balance on their account for the owed months. The Client must settle their account in full to regain access. If payment remains unsuccessful after sixty (60) days, the Client’s membership will be revoked and permanently canceled. Should the Client wish to rejoin Wordling Plus after this period having successfully settled their account, they must do so at the current membership price, which The Wordling reserves the right to adjust for future launches.

c. The Wordling retains the right to revoke the Client’s access to Wordling Plus if additional payments are not made in line with the Auto-Renewal Terms outlined below. In such an event, the Client understands they are not entitled to a refund of funds previously issued to The Wordling for access to Wordling Plus.

6. Auto-Renewal Agreement

a. The Client acknowledges and agrees that ongoing access to Wordling Plus necessitates recurring monthly or annual payments, which will be charged on the same day of the month or year as the initial sign-up date. For instance, if the Client joins Wordling Plus on the 5th of the month with a monthly membership, subsequent charges will occur on the 5th of each following month.

b. If the Client opts for monthly billing: upon purchasing access to Wordling Plus and accepting these Terms of Use, the Client understands that they will be automatically charged each month using the same payment method as the initial payment, for the subsequent month of Wordling Plus membership. This automatic billing cycle will continue monthly until the Client properly cancels their membership. If the Client chooses annual billing: upon purchasing access to Wordling Plus and agreeing to these Terms of Use, the Client understands that they will be automatically charged each year using the same payment method as the initial payment, for the subsequent year of Wordling Plus membership. This automatic billing cycle will continue annually until the Client properly cancels their membership.

c. Cancellation Policy: To cancel their membership, the Client must do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled renewal charge. Any cancellation requests made less than 48 hours before the automatic renewal or subsequent to the charge will take effect the following billing period.

i. How to Cancel: To cancel their membership, the Client must send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION,” providing their name, email address, and confirmation of their request to terminate their membership. Upon receipt of the email, the Client will be notified, and their membership will be canceled before the next billing period, provided it is more than 48 hours away.

ii. If the Client cancels their membership less than 48 hours before the automatic renewal charge, they acknowledge and agree that they will be charged for the next month (or year, if billed annually), with cancellation taking effect thereafter. In such a case, the Client will retain access to Wordling Plus for the paid period, with membership terminating at the end of the last paid month or year.

d. If the Client acquired access to Wordling Plus during a trial period, they understand that they will be automatically charged the full monthly amount at the end of the trial period. The Client will not receive additional notice regarding the trial period’s conclusion. By checking the agreement box on the purchase page, the Client affirms their unequivocal consent to these automatic renewal terms, the cancellation policy, and their understanding of the cancellation procedure before their card is charged for the subsequent month.

e. Billing Address: The Client agrees to maintain an updated billing address within their Membership account. The Wordling will utilize this address to determine the Client’s country and state of residence, and any relevant laws applicable to the Client based on their state of residence. The Client acknowledges that failure to update their billing address may affect The Wordling’s ability to provide accurate billing updates and notices. The Client assumes responsibility for notifying The Wordling of any changes to their billing address, ensuring it remains current and accurate. If the Client’s physical residency differs from their billing address, they confirm their intent to inform The Wordling to ensure accurate records.

 7. Refund Policy

The Wordling holds unwavering confidence in its product, believing in its efficacy when approached with dedication by the Client. Nonetheless, The Wordling extends a Conditional 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee (the Guarantee) to first-time purchasers of the Program who have diligently engaged in the process and find the Program unsuitable for their needs. In order to be eligible for a refund, the Client must demonstrate a good-faith effort to engage with the program, such as participation in the community or attendance on live calls.

To request consideration for the Guarantee, the Client must contact The Wordling at [email protected] before 11:59 pm BST on the seventh day following the purchase of the Wordling Plus Membership. After this seven (7) day period, all sales are final, and The Wordling will not entertain refund requests for any reason.

The decision on requests for the Guarantee rests solely with The Wordling team and is subject to their discretion. The Guarantee aims to afford the Client a genuine opportunity to apply the Program to their writing career and business endeavors. If the Client simply logs in, downloads materials, and promptly seeks a refund, The Wordling reserves the right to deny it without further consideration.

8. Technology

a. The Wordling bears no responsibility for any particular technology required to effectively access and utilize Wordling Plus. Should the Client encounter difficulty accessing Wordling Plus due to a technology issue on their end, this does not warrant a refund, nor does it exempt the Client from their obligation to make monthly payments, unless and until they properly cancel their membership as per the cancellation policy outlined in paragraph five (5).

b. The Wordling advises against sharing membership accounts and strongly recommends that each individual acquire their own Membership Site account.

9. Voluntary Participation

a. The Client acknowledges and agrees that their decision to enroll in Wordling Plus is entirely voluntary, and they bear sole responsibility for any outcomes or results thereof. While The Wordling maintains confidence in its services and the potential benefits of Wordling Plus for many, the Client understands and accepts that The Wordling holds no responsibility or liability for any injuries, harm, or adverse consequences experienced by the Client. The Client affirms their full responsibility for their health and well-being, including their engagement in Wordling Plus and any resulting outcomes.

b. Furthermore, the Client understands that they will have the opportunity to provide The Wordling with additional personal information, which will be visible to all members of Wordling Plus. This optional information may include details such as location and industry. The Client acknowledges that participation in providing this information is entirely voluntary, and their decision to do so will not affect their standing within Wordling Plus. The Client recognizes that this information will only be accessible to other Wordling Plus members and understands that neither Wordling Plus nor The Wordling will be held responsible for any negative consequences arising from the sharing of this information.

10. Disclaimer/No Guarantees

a. While many clients of The Wordling, both past and present, have reported positive outcomes from the content provided in Wordling Plus, it is important to note that The Wordling cannot guarantee specific results from any aspect of Wordling Plus. Consequently, The Wordling does not make any representations or warranties regarding individual results. The Client agrees to release and hold The Wordling harmless if they do not achieve the desired outcomes.

b. The Client acknowledges that all services offered by Wordling Plus and The Wordling, in connection with the purchase of Wordling Plus, are provided on an “as is” basis. This means that there are no guarantees, representations, or warranties, including but not limited to warranties of quality, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or expectation of performance. The Client chooses to purchase access to Wordling Plus and engage with The Wordling on a voluntary basis, and thus, does not hold The Wordling or Wordling Plus responsible in the event of dissatisfaction with any aspect of Wordling Plus.

c. Furthermore, the Client agrees that they do not have grounds for legal action or entitlement to a refund if they fail to achieve desired results following completion of Wordling Plus, as long as The Wordling delivers Wordling Plus as described in the accompanying Addendum.

d. The Client also agrees to indemnify The Wordling in the event of any physical, emotional, or financial injury arising directly or indirectly from participation in Wordling Plus. The Wordling’s content, both on its website and within Wordling Plus, consists of information that has proven effective for The Wordling and other clients, but its utility to the Client’s personal business or life may vary. The Client acknowledges that The Wordling cannot guarantee specific results from Wordling Plus and accepts that they bear no responsibility for any outcome.

e. Earnings Disclaimer: The Wordling explicitly disclaims any guarantees or assurances regarding financial outcomes resulting from the use of Wordling Plus. The Wordling is not responsible for the Client’s earnings or any fluctuations in financial status based on the information provided within Wordling Plus. Testimonials or information regarding past or current clients’ financial success, whether on the website or in sales materials, are individual experiences, and actual results may vary.

f. Not Medical or Professional Advice: Wordling Plus aims to provide the Client with monthly education and support. However, the content within Wordling Plus is not intended to substitute for personalized business, medical, legal, or financial advice. The Wordling encourages the Client to seek the appropriate professional assistance if they believe it may benefit them. It is assumed that individuals purchasing access to Wordling Plus have conducted any necessary research and have determined that Wordling Plus is suitable for their needs.

11. Intellectual Property

a. The Client acknowledges and accepts that The Wordling has produced a variety of original and creative works in connection with Wordling Plus. The Client agrees that The Wordling retains all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in all original or derivative content associated with or included in Wordling Plus. This includes, but is not limited to, documents, charts, emails, graphs, products, systems, processes, handouts, worksheets, and copy for websites or sales pages. Whether created before or during the Client’s engagement, these materials remain the exclusive property of The Wordling. While the Client may be granted a limited right to use selected materials for their own business purposes, they acknowledge that the original proprietary rights remain vested in The Wordling. This Agreement does not transfer ownership of any Intellectual Property from The Wordling to the Client, nor does it grant any license to use the information, except as expressly provided within the context of Wordling Plus.

b. The Client agrees and acknowledges that they are prohibited from copying, reposting, altering, publishing, selling, assisting others in selling, manipulating, distributing, or exploiting in any manner the content or intellectual property provided by Wordling Plus or obtained through collaboration with The Wordling, without the express written consent of The Wordling. In the event of any such unauthorized behavior, The Wordling reserves the right to immediately terminate the Client’s participation in Wordling Plus without refund, as well as revoke access to any Wordling Plus materials purchased by the Client, without refund. Furthermore, The Wordling reserves the right to pursue legal action against any actionable infringement or misuse to the fullest extent permitted by law.

c. Licensee Rights: The Wordling’s Limited License to Client:

Client acknowledges that by purchasing Wordling Plus, they gain access to view all the content and information provided as part of Wordling Plus. This grants the Client a limited, revocable, and non-transferable license to use the provided information as instructed or permitted by The Wordling. As a “Licensee,” the Client agrees not to:

i. Copy, edit, distribute, duplicate, or steal any information or content obtained through Wordling Plus without prior written permission from The Wordling.

ii. Post, distribute, copy, steal, or otherwise utilize any part of Wordling Plus or its content, or information obtained from other members in the Wordling Plus group, without prior written permission from The Wordling. The Client understands that such actions may constitute infringement, potentially leading to legal action against them.

iii. Claim any content created by The Wordling as part of Wordling Plus, or provided to the Client, as their own. This means the Client cannot assert ownership over any content created by The Wordling and use it as their own in their business endeavors.

vi. Share purchased materials or information with individuals who have not purchased them.

The Client further acknowledges and understands that engaging in any of the aforementioned actions, including but not limited to those outlined above, may constitute infringement or theft of The Wordling’s work, thus violating this Agreement and United Kingdom laws.

12. Indemnification

Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless The Wordling, along with any affiliates, agents, team members, or other parties associated with The Wordling, from any and all causes of action, damages, losses, costs, and expenses incurred as a result of the Client’s use of Wordling Plus. This includes any third-party claims of any nature, including attorney’s fees, arising from the Client’s actions, whether directly or indirectly related to their participation in Wordling Plus.

In the event that The Wordling is compelled to defend itself in any action directly or indirectly involving the Client, or in an action where the Client’s involvement or assistance is deemed beneficial to The Wordling’s defense, the Client agrees to participate and provide any evidence, documents, testimony, or other information requested by The Wordling, without charge.

13. Dispute Resolution

a. In the event of a dispute between The Wordling and the Client, both parties agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the matter through constructive negotiations and discussions. (The Client acknowledges that dissatisfaction with results does not constitute a “dispute” and agrees not to hold The Wordling accountable for specific outcomes, including those achieved by other clients.)

b. If informal resolution proves unsuccessful, the Client and The Wordling mutually consent to submit all disputes to arbitration in the UK, to be conducted in England within a reasonable timeframe. Both parties commit to engaging in the arbitration process in good faith, with the aim of efficiently and effectively resolving the dispute. This includes the exchange of any relevant materials, documents, or information. The decision rendered by the arbitrator will be conclusive and binding upon both parties, and shall not be subject to appeal or any further challenge. It will be enforceable as a legal judgment or decree in any court with appropriate jurisdiction.

14. Applicable Law

This Agreement is subject to and governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, irrespective of conflict of law principles or the Client’s location. The Client acknowledges and agrees to the applicability of the laws of the United Kingdom in all matters pertaining to this Agreement.

15. Amendments

This agreement is subject to occasional amendments or modifications, which may occur as Wordling Plus membership is updated, laws or regulations change, or at the discretion of The Wordling. The Client acknowledges and agrees to abide by the most recent version of these Terms of Use and commits to checking back periodically as necessary.

In the event of significant changes to these Terms of Use, the Client will be notified by The Wordling and provided with an opportunity to cancel their membership if they decline to accept the updated terms. Otherwise, the Client’s continued membership in Wordling Plus will serve as confirmation of their agreement to the revised terms.

16. Authorization + Release

By participating in the Program, you acknowledge and consent to the possibility of your involvement being captured in various forms such as audio, video, or images. You grant Wordling Plus and its representatives the irrevocable right to utilize these recordings worldwide and indefinitely for promotional purposes, without any obligation to provide further compensation to you. This includes the right to modify the recordings as deemed necessary.

You affirm that any statements or endorsements you make are truthful and accurately reflect your genuine opinions and experiences. You waive any rights to review or approve the recordings and release The Wordling from any liability arising from their use.

You assert that you are at least eighteen years old and possess the legal capacity to enter into this agreement. This release applies to you, your heirs, and assigns.

By accepting these terms, you acknowledge that your participation is voluntary and that you bear sole responsibility for your actions.

Wordling Plus Membership Outline Addendum

Client understands, acknowledges, and agrees he/she/they is purchasing a monthly/annual subscription to Wordling Plus. While the below is subject to change, at the time of purchase, Wordling Plus includes access to the following:

  1. 20+ courses/programs included in the Wordling Plus curriculum
  2. Group mentoring and co-working sessions once per week lasting approximately one hour
  3. Access to a library of templates, masterclasses, and skills trainings. 
  4. Access to an exclusive online community for The Wordling’s students
  5. Additional resources, guides, and services as created by The Wordling.